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Meet the woman who does Oprah's hair.

Oprah’s personal hairstylist, Nicole Mangrum, shares her advice about maintaining your crowning glory.... Read more


Mangrum the magnificent.


Article in the Phenomenal Women issue. Read article


No wigs needed: Here's exactly how Oprah maintains her full head of hair.

When it comes to maintaining the strands of Hollywood's elite, the competition is fierce. C'mon, the A-List won't just let anyone touch their prized strands. . Read more

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The VIP Show with Nicole Mangrum.


A candid conversation with Oprah's personal hairstylist, Nicole Mangrum... Watch video


How Oprah keeps her hair so beautiful.


Where were you when Oprah, haver of long, beautiful hair, allowed Chris Rock to rake his fingers through her anointed scalp? Read more

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